Family Membership

Lacy owners possess a powerful combination of appreciation, respect, and affection for these amazing animals. The Association’s membership is dedicated to preserving the breed, which almost disappeared when the Texas economy transitioned from farming and ranching to industrialization.

Preservation of the Lacy Breed is accomplished through numerous avenues, including:

~Providing information to potential, and existing, Lacy owners.
~Providing a forum for all-Lacy events, competitions, exhibitions, and seminars.
~Joining with the Lacy Game Dog Registry in encouraging breeders to work their dogs prior to breeding. This will ensure the breed’s excellent working abilities.
~Publicizing the breed through a variety of print and electronic media
~Responding to legislative or regulatory issues that could negatively impact working dogs’ life-style. 

Play a part in preserving the breed
Vote during elections
Run for an officer position
Discount at Fun Day events
Discount on TLGDA Merchandise
Listing tracking services on the website
Two votes on matters members get to vote on


NOTE: To join as a Member-Breeder, please go to the Member-Breeder Link.  The dog must be of breeding age; 12 months or older. There are additional dues for Member-Breeders. If you have any questions or need more information, please submit a request through our Contact Page.


If you would like to print out the application and submit through the mail – CLICK HERE.  Otherwise continue to online form and payment.

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