TLGDA Breeder Member Available Lacy Pups

TLGDA Breeders follow the TLGDA Bylaws and Breeders’ Code of Ethics. As breed representatives, they promote and support ethical breeding and trade practices. This is done to protect the integrity of the breed, as well as the health and reputation of the breed. Breeders also strive to ensure that the breed’s genetics are accurately maintained and that breeding practices are managed responsibly. TLGDA Breeders set a good example for others and work to ensure that the breed is respected and cared for. They strive to uphold the breed’s standards and to promote responsible ownership and breeding.


9 puppies AVAILABLE on March 12, 2024 The litter includes: 1 Males of which 1 are Blue, 0 are Red, and 0 are Tri 4 Females of which 4 are Blue, 0 are Red, and 0 are Tri You can contact John Foreman via Email Address: or by phone #: 3619356307 Additional Information:

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