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In a rare breed, it is critical that only those knowledgeable about genetics, breeding, and a sire and dam’s strengths and weaknesses attempt to breed dogs. Breeding dogs is never something to take lightly. It is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of genetics, breeding, and the individual strengths and weaknesses of the sire and dam. Any mistakes made in the process can have serious consequences for a rare breed like the Blue Lacy.

A few irresponsible and uneducated breedings, motivated by greed or ignorance, can significantly damage a rare breed’s gene pool, causing an already limited gene pool to become even more limited. Breeding overseen by conscientious, ethical breeders have exemplary results. If an error is found by an ethical breeder, they handle the situation by ensuring a damaged prodigy is not used for breeding purposes. They also research what happened to reduce the problem from reoccurring.

There is an excellent saying, “Just because a dog is purebred doesn’t mean that it’s well-bred, and just because a dog is a well-bred doesn’t mean that it should BE bred.” Ethical breeders will breed for: instinct, structure, coat, health, and temperament. Blue Lacy breeding practices would also include working versatility.

Please spay or neuter your pets, and leave the breeding to those who have made a lifelong commitment to educating themselves about this breed, and sound, ethical breeding practices like the members on this page.

Wright, Karen
City: Falls City
Morris, Chris
City: Vermontville
Aguilar, Chris
City: Columbus
McLeod, Kerney
City: Girard
Roper, Elizabeth
City: Fox
Bullard, Doug
City: Northport
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