The Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA), in alliance with the Lacy Game Dog Registry (LGDR), is committed to preserving and advancing this wonderful breed. Our mission is to promote responsible breeding, and provide education and support to their breeders and owners. We also strive to protect breed integrity and ensure its proper maintenance and care. All in all, the TLGDA and LGDR are dedicated to upholding the breed’s reputation and providing its loyal fans with the necessary resources to ensure its continued development and success.

Here are some things that set the TLGDA apart from other Lacy organizations. 

  • We are listed in House Resolution 108, by The State of Texas. Only our breed association is listed.

  • We align with the Lacy Game Dog Registry. The LGDR is the original, official, and only registry recognized by The State of Texas in House Resolution 108. The LGDR website states:

    “The LGDR is the official and original Closed Stud Book Breed Registry for the Blue Lacy”. The LGDR works in alliance with the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA). All breeders listed on the TLGDA website, https://tlgda.org, will submit all litters for registration to the LGDR. They will also have signed breeder ethics codes on file with the TLGDA and the LGDR. Due to documentation on file, the TLGDA is the only Blue Lacy association the LGDR recognizes and supports.” Several TLGDA members were instrumental in getting the Lacy recognized as the state dog.

Because of these, and several other reasons, please keep a Texas Lacy Game Dog member, and breeder, in mind when looking for your next Lacy puppy. 


Please watch the below videos.  The first one has information about the history of the Blue Lacy Game dog.  The second provides details on what you need to know before purchasing a Blue Lacy puppy. 

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