2024 Blood Trailing Seminar

The 2024 Blood Trailing Seminar in Concan, TX was a cold one!  Temperatures kept everyone bundled up and close to the fires when not in a training.  However, the dogs seemed to enjoy the cooler temps and were eager to learn and get on a trail!

Below are some pictures taken at the event.  It was a great time had by all!

The event started with a 3D archery contest.  Here is the announcement and awards given.

Training – the best!!!  

There were many experienced, certified, and just down right good trainers that were a part of this event.  Different skill levels broke off into groups by age and/or knowledge level for some parts of the event.  There was also a session with local Texas Game Wardens to go over Tracker’s responsibilities while tracking wounded animals – GREAT information.  As well as a session to show many dogs their first deer!

Several attendees scheduled to test for their UBT Certifications.  This requires the dog and handler to run a wounded game trail laid out by approved judges.  Then after appropriate amount of ‘lay time’, dog/handler team run the line with judges in tow. During the dog/handler team’s run, the judges play a crucial role in assessing the performance and adherence to the prescribed rules. They closely observe the team’s ability to navigate the wounded game trail and evaluate their handling skills, decision-making, and overall control of the dog. The judges’ expertise and impartial judgment are essential in determining the team’s eligibility for UBT certification.

As you can see from the additional pictures below, there was a lot of dog loving people enjoying each other’s company!

In addition to all the wonderful time had by all, it came with some good cooking!  Nothing better than enjoying a good meal with good people!


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